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Once the verification code is sent to your phone number or email, you can enter the verification code for up to 10 minutes. If you haven’t entered it by the time limit, please resubmit and get a new verification code.

You can edit your personal information in the account settings section by: Sign in to Maby’s homepage and click on the profile icon and select account settings. Here, change your information.

Sign in phone number is the vital information for each account. If the phone number has been verified, you cannot change it to another phone number.

You can keep track of your booked appointments in the My Orders section when you click on your account profile icon on the toolbar.

When you are busy or have unexpected problems, you can cancel your appointment quickly on Maby, save time and cancel your appointment in time with the nail salon you have booked.

Sign up for a nail salon business management account on Maby to make your job easier.

– Connecting salon owners with online customers

– Manage work assignments for artists easily

– Simple, optimal customer and revenue management

– Take good care of old customers, help up sales, increase revenue

To set up a salon, you need to create:

1. Salon information and working hours

2. Add artists and staff

3. Create a Menu

4. Payment method settings

You have successfully established your salon on Maby in only four simple steps!

You can change the salon phone number to make Hotline information, introduce your salon on Maby through the Store section, and select Store details.

Sign in to Maybe and select the Reports tab to see all the reports on the salon’s performance.

You don’t have to be concerned about customers forgetting their appointments because Maby has an appointment reminder feature for guests through the Notification icon, when the appointment is scheduled, the notification bar will display a red dot reminding your customer to come to the appointment.

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