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Can I change my phone number and email?

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Email and phone numbers are essential information for each account. If you have verified your email, you cannot change it to another email. Likewise, if the phone number is already confirmed, you cannot change it.

In case if not confirmed, you can enter your Email or phone number. To thoroughly verify your account information, do the following:

Go to Maby’s homepage, move the profile icon on the toolbar, and select Edit Profile.

In the personal information section

I. You log in with your phone number:

Step 1: Select Verify email


Step 2: Enter the email to verify, select Next


Step 3: Enter the Verification Code sent to the Email you registered; please check your mailbox to enter the Verification Code. Then press OK to finish.


II. You Sign in by email:

Step 1: select Verify phone number


Step 2: Enter the phone number to verify, select Next

Step 3: The Verification Code box appears; enter the Verification Code sent to the phone number you just entered in the form of an SMS. Then press OK to finish.