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How to add a new artist

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For a successful nail salon business, your salon needs skilled artists. Each artist will have different skills to meet the needs of customers. To add a salon artist on Maby, follow these instructions:

Step 1: After Signing in to Maby, select the Store item on the left side of the screen.


Step 2: Select the item artists and staff in the Store Settings section, click (+ Add new) on the upper right

Step 3: You can add a photo of the artist and fill in the basic information of the artist: Full name, Phone number, Email, and Note (If any). Finally, you change the status below to green to set up ( operator)


Step 4: In the Skills section, press (+ Add service) and select the services the artist can do, then press OK


Note: Not selecting any service means that this artist can perform all services

After selecting more services about the artists’ skills, click OK in the right corner to save.


Step 5: Select Working hours > set the time and change the status to green for the artist’s working days > click OK


Step 6: Click OK in the upper right corner, the artist will be added to the salon’s list of artists.


After pressing OK, the artists will be added to the salon’s list of artists.


Step 7: If you want to edit the artist information, click Edit


in the Skills section, select Add services the artist can do and press OK similar to the above steps.

That’s all a guide to completing your nail salon. During the process of setting up your salon, if you have any questions, you can contact Maby customer service staff for assistance.