Docy Child

How to suspend and reactivate artists

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In nail salon management, your artist needs to take a fixed day off, or you want to give your artist a short break; the owner needs to coordinate the artist accordingly to better serve customers. So how to suspend and reactivate the artist? Follow along with the tutorial below:

First, sign in to the salon’s account on Maby. Select the Store item on the left side of the screen


Next, click on Artists and Staff to manage the artist.

Here, you notice that the Artist’s Status column is green, meaning that the Artists are all active.


Select the Artist you want to assign to rest and not work, and press the left button to turn off the green check in the Status column

In addition to the above instructions, you can choose the artist you want to disable click the Edit button next to it.

Scroll down to see the Status section is green, press to switch to the left to turn off the Artist’s activity, then click OK in the upper right corner of the screen.


Thus, you have adjusted the operation and managed that Artist successfully.