Docy Child

Does Maby have an appointment reminder for customers and salons?

If you have a customer’s schedule with an appointment, Maby will remind you and the salon through SMS and the notification section on Maby, you will prepare the service in advance to serve customers more attentively. And, you don’t have to worry about missing your scheduled appointment.

Appointment reminder feature will notify immediately by SMS and the system on Maby after a customer or a new salon has finished creating an appointment to confirm the customer and the salon has an appointment.

In addition, 15 minutes before the appointment, Maby will once again send SMS messages and notifications on Maby to remind customers and the salon so that everything can be prepared for the appointment in the best way.

To view appointment reminders on Maby, just press the icon (Bell)

All information about the appointment will be displayed, please click on the notification to see details.